6 Reasons to Choose Screen Printing Designs by T-Shirt Labs

July 28, 2021

6 Reasons to Choose Screen Printing Designs by T-Shirt Labs

T-shirts are the go-to clothing everywhere from the runway to million-dollar start-ups. But there are so many choices! Even just settling on the right designs takes lots of practice, patience, and some good-old-fashioned trial-and-error. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to tap into some serious insider-experience to make a stellar design! Whether it’s your logo’d gear or your extended family reunion, we can help you skip the pain of trial-and-error and get straight to excellent shirts.

Here are 6 reasons to let us at T-shirt Labs do your screen printing design.

Award-winning Design Experience

Creativity takes many forms. For some it’s drawing or painting. For others it’s sales or entrepreneurship. We all have our individual skills! 

At T-shirt Labs we are creatives in our own special ways--especially of a graphic design nature. Our designs win awards! They get the right kind of attention. They sell t-shirts! 

We love the collaborative art form of taking on someone’s idea or design and using our expertise to bring it to life. 

A Thorough Understanding of T-shirt Materials 

Neons, iridescents, natural dyes or glow-in-the-dark, all of our inks behave differently. They absorb or float on cotton differently from synthetic fabrics. It gets complicated!

Even amongst graphic design experts, there’s a subspecialty in t-shirt screen printing which warrants its own database of knowledge. Everything from the t-shirts themselves to the colors and inks have their quirks. Fortunately, we know those quirks inside and out! We also know how to take your vision or your design and translate it to custom screen print shirts to maximize colors or other design elements.

We’ve Got All the Equipment

With iron-transfer and other at-home procedures anyone can make t-shirts these days.

But when you want quality t-shirts with lasting, great design, you need specialty equipment. Our graphics interface directly with our custom screen printing equipment. Our dryers heat evenly, at an industrial scale. 

What’s more, with our fulfillment services, we can dropship any number of custom t-shirt orders for you to your customers anywhere.

Lower Costs which Get Passed on To You

We have the ability to fulfill orders both small and large, from one color to several, from one size to every size, then ship them directly to your customers. With fulfillment services, We pass on extra savings to you. How does that work? We might use the same t-shirts or dyes for many different screen printing designs, so we stock up on all the good stuff. But that means you don’t have to! You get to use our wealth of materials in addition to our design expertise.

You get the price advantage (and the profit margins!) of our warehouse-based operations when you choose screen printing design with us plus fulfillment. 

We are Branding Experts

Reason number 5 to choose screen printing designs by T-shirt Labs: we are branding experts!

Did you know:

  • Color improves brand recognition by up to 80%,
  • It takes 5-7 brand impressions for people to recognize a brand,
  • Or that it only takes 10 seconds for people to form an opinion about a logo?

We live and breathe the branding world in our graphic design. We bring that expertise to all print lettering and to each unique graphic in our custom t-shirt design.

Local Expertise Matters

As business owners in the Tampa Bay (Clearwater) area, we utilize our expertise in graphic design to help other businesses grow. You aren’t some nameless customer to us. Our dedicated customer service and award-winning graphic design team will encourage your success and expansion with each shirt printed. 

The t-shirt business isn’t just a business for us at T-shirt Labs. You only need to watch one video of us in our offices and warehouse to see our love for what we do!

We are artists, designers, creatives and yes, goofballs, dedicated to giving you the best possible custom t-shirt experience from concept to completion. Your success is our reward! 

Contact us and let us help you get printing!